Introduction to this Blog

Hi there!

I’m Dain, currently a student at a university in London and a “retired” ballet dancer. I danced most of my life, and because food was such a big part of my life growing up, I am currently studying Human Nutrition to further understand the relationship between food and humans.

I have a huge passion for anything related food such as cooking, baking, healthy eating, nutrition, you name it! I am also a huge lover of plants and enjoy growing plants myself. Especially herbs for cooking! Since I am  a “retired” ballet dancer, I naturally have great interests in sports, different types of workouts and exercises, and still moving my own body as well. And last but not least…. I am a HUGE animal lover! I have a rescue dog named Tory who is currently living with my family in South Korea, whom I miss very much. Rescuing Tory has made a such big impact in my life that I cannot ignore animal/ pet related issues anymore when I hear about them! Although I have not been able to make a big difference myself for the well-being of animals, it is something that I wish to be working for in the future even if it may be a small difference I make.

I am starting this blog to share my love for food by giving you some of my favorite recipes that I’ve created, and also recipe ideas I get from youtubers, bloggers, famous chefs, etc.

This blog will also be used as a tool to help myself revise through material that I have learnt from university in the past school year. I believe trying to teach an idea to someone is a great way to actually learn something which is why I will be sharing the information I receive in the journey through my studies.

And there might be some occasional pictures of my dog Tory being shared in this blog since this blog is named after her.

I am not sure where I am going with starting this blog but we’ll see!