Mother’s Day Baking

Recently, it was Mother’s Day here in England where I am currently living in. Since I would not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my own mom this year, I wanted to do something nice for my partner James’ wonderful mum and nanny. As I love baking for others, I of course knew I would be baking something for them. I made cream puffs for my mom  last year(which she loved) so I thought it would be safe for me to make those again for James’ mum! But being who I am, I didn’t want to make the same thing for James’ nanny.

I started looking around Pinterest and YouTube to find something special for her. I stumbled upon EverydayFood’s “1 pot french pastry cream “recipe which I thought would be perfect for filling a small tart with the pastry cream and fruit garnished on top. It was also the perfect thing to make because I could use about half of the pastry cream for the tart, and the rest folded in some whipped cream for the filling of the cream puffs! A win win since I didn’t want any leftover cream!

EverydayFood  is a great channel on YouTube that introduces great recipes everyday from Martha Stewart’s test kitchen. The main host of the channel is Sarah Carey who is so bright, funny, honest, and down-to-earth which is great because she has such an up-lifting energy. The recipes she shares are just as great as Sarah herself, that I’ve been subscribed to their channel for about 3-4 years now.

Another star of the EverydayFood channel is Thomas Joseph. He started his show called “Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph” a few years ago where he shares tips and tricks to kitchen conundrums submitted by the viewers. He’s very organized and has lots of knowledge related to the sciences behind recipes which is great for someone like me who can be a bit of a  skeptic at times.

So I used EverydayFood’s recipes for both the pastry cream and the pastry for the cream puffs. I would’ve made the tart shell for the tart as well but since my tart tin is quite big, I decided to buy a smaller pre-baked tart shell this time.

I wish I took some pictures but everything turned out really well and James’ mum and nanny both enjoyed their baked goods.😊 The recipe videos are down below as I highly recommend you try making them yourselves!


Make No-Fuss Pastry Cream – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

The Perfect Cream Puff – Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

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